Resilience Skills for Legal Practice

Trauma-Informed Lawyering & Resilience for Lawyers, Legal Professionals and Law Students

Why is trauma and resilience relevant to legal professionals?  Why does the impact of trauma sometimes go unnoticed? Do resilience skills such as emotional intelligence and empathy really connect with lawyer wellbeing, or lawyer performance?  

In this session, Helgi Maki will address these questions and more through a discussion of the neurobiology of trauma and its effects on lawyers using the biopsychosocial model.

The session will include helpful tips and resiliency skills that can be used today in legal practice to support legal professionals and and their clients when dealing with with adversity.


Helgi Maki, Consultant, Executive Coach & Mindfulness Instructor Generativity Co., Coaching & Consulting

Co-Editor and Co-Author of the forthcoming book Trauma-Informed Law: A Primer for Lawyer Resilience and Healing, to be published by the American Bar Association, Practice Management Division (Helgi Maki, Marjorie Florestal, Myrna McCallum and J. Kim Wright, Eds.)

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