Panel discussion on contemplative practices in the study and practice of law

Join us at 09.30 GMT on Thursday, 9th March for this online Panel session. Network members will receive full details via email. If you are not a member and wish to attend, please join the Network via this website or email us. The session will explore the use of contemplative practices in the context ofContinue reading “Panel discussion on contemplative practices in the study and practice of law”

SRA Thematic Review presented by Rachel Clements

Rachel Clements works in the thematic risk team at the SRA and led a thematic review looking at workplace culture in law firms. Her powerpoint slides can be accessed here The report was published in February 2022 with new support and guidance on creating healthy working environments.  The Workplace Culture Thematic Review found that whileContinue reading “SRA Thematic Review presented by Rachel Clements”

Legal Education for Wellbeing: Design, Delivery and Evaluation

Yesterday was the launch of a Special Edition of The Law Teacher Journal titled ‘Legal Education for Wellbeing: Design, Delivery and Evaluation’. The event was hosted by co-editors Emma Jones and Caroline Strevens, with support from The Law Teacher and Advancing Wellness in Law. Each of the contributors to the Special Edition also contributed toContinue reading “Legal Education for Wellbeing: Design, Delivery and Evaluation”

Pioneering approaches to law

Join us for our next digital conversation on Thursday, 3rd February from 9.30-11am to listen to two amazing speakers involved in the therapeutic jurisprudence and integrative law movements. For the meeting link, subscribe via our website or email Dr Anna KawaƂek is a Senior Lecturer in Law from Leeds Law School. She is alsoContinue reading “Pioneering approaches to law”