Advancing Wellness for Law

January 2022 PhD by Published Works: The Mindful Route? Dr Jill Dickinson and Dr James Marson It is trite comment that academic staff have faced increasing pressures given the changes to working practices following the outbreak of the pandemic. Among these have been the intensification in workload and increased expectations as to staff availability andContinue reading “Advancing Wellness for Law”

Our digital conversation for May

Our May digital conversation takes place on Tuesday, 11th May 9.30-11.30 (BST) and will discuss the impact of the pandemic on law firms. We have two fabulous speakers. We are delighted to have George Artley, BIC Project Lawyer at the International Bar Association joining us to discuss the findings of the IBA’s recent  global surveys on wellbeingContinue reading “Our digital conversation for May”

Wellbeing and Mental Health in the Post-Pandemic Law School

Join us for our April digital conversation on Thursday, 22nd April 9.30-11am The April session will explore and provide an opportunity for us to discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic may reshape our understandings of the wellbeing and mental health of those who inhabit university law schools, staff and students; and how, in moving forward, both staff andContinue reading “Wellbeing and Mental Health in the Post-Pandemic Law School”

Digital Conversation – March 2021

Join us on Tuesday 23rd of March 2021 at 9.30 am for a discussion of wellbeing in law schools and law firms.  A chance to share experiences and ideas on what are the key wellbeing issues to focus on, what wellbeing initiatives do and don’t work and how we can develop a more ‘joined-up’ approachContinue reading “Digital Conversation – March 2021”

The Myths of Burnout

By Donna Smith, Odonnata Coaching With so many reports, surveys, articles and interviews on the topic of burnout ( especially nowadays!!), it baffles me how burnout is still not taken seriously by the majority of individuals and organisations alike, especially in the Legal Profession. Burnout is ‘a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion, causedContinue reading “The Myths of Burnout”